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Automotive Repairs in Lethbridge

Automotive repairs can be costly, but nothing is worse than having to pay for a repair twice. Trust Tolley Tire and make sure you get necessary repairs done right the first time.

We will take you through what needs to be done and what can wait.

We will work within your budget, help you choose the right parts (factory or aftermarket) and get the work done quickly and efficiently, saving you downtime and shop time.  Our goal is to always respect your wallet, while keeping you safe.


Suspension & Shocks

Stock or custom aftermarket, your suspension plays a key role in keeping your vehicle planted on the road. Ride quality, tire life and safety are all connected to the suspension of your vehicle. There are also lots of options available today to improve upon factory ride conditions.



Everyone hates squeaky brakes, and of course the squeal means less than optimal breaking.

At Tolley Tire we can take care of that annoying noise and have you squeak free and safe, often on the same day.


Engine Diagnostics & Repairs

From check engine lights to full engine rebuilds. We can help you through anything that your vehicle sends your way.

air conditioner

Air Conditioning & Heating

Southern Alberta weather changes with the blink of an eye. Keeping you cool or warm with each change in weather condition is what we do. AC recharging, coolant lines, radiators & heating cores - we do it all.


Wheel Alignments

We have a dedicated alignment rack that guarantees the correct alignment for your vehicle. An alignment will keep your brand new tires from wearing unevenly and keep you from drifting between lanes, when it’s not windy.



Mufflers, catalytic converters, temperature & O2 sensors are all part of what makes an exhaust system function properly. Replacing any one or all of these items requires special tools and expertise available at Tolley Tire.

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