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Accessories & upgrades for any system in any vehicle.

Tolley Tire Car & Truck Accessories

At Tolley Tire, if you are looking to update the look of your vehicle in any way, we can help you make it happen.

We can help you source, price check and install anything you want to make your vehicle your own. Lift kits, suspension upgrades, lowering kits, brake upgrades, custom wheels, light bars, off-road bumpers, winches, snorkel kits, towing packages and all the performance upgrades you can handle.


Lift Kits

For work, on the farm or if you’re just for playing in the mud. A properly installed lift kit will give you all the clearance you need.
We’ve installed hundreds of lift kits for all kinds of trucks.
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There are all kinds of reasons to add lighting to a vehicle.
Decorative lighting or late nights on the work truck, when you need more light we have the solution you’re looking for.


At Tolley, we know towing and hauling.
Hitches & wiring harness installed on any vehicle that will accept it.


At Tolley Tire, we can source and install almost anything that bolts on and improves performance.
Brakes, rotors, high performance suspension, exhaust, balanced drive shafts, gearing improvements, increased cooling needs.
We have the experts to make sure it’s done right.

Instant Approval. No Credit Check.