Brand new or well loved

Regular maintenance on all vehicles is necessary to keep them healthy and reliable.
At Tolley Tire we have what your car needs to maintain warranty requirements and we can even exceed manufactures specifications if requested.

Automotive Maintenance in Lethbridge

Regular scheduled maintenance, like oil changes, air & cabin filter changes or regular service to maintain the warranty on newer vehicles will keep your car from breaking down when you need it most. We provide a complimentary 30 point inspection with every maintenance service and document anything we find that is not up to specification.

We believe that it’s always better to find a problem while you’re in the shop than have something major fail while driving the car.

At Tolley Tire we do recommend synthetic oils as they protect engine internals better and you can go further between changes than with conventional oil. However we do stock all types and grades of oil to ensure we meet manufacturer recommendations while also protecting your pocket book.


Oil & Other System Fluids

Our Cars have a lot of fluids. Some keep components from wearing while others are responsible for stopping or steering. Kind of important.

Servicing these fluids regularly can make all the difference.

We can service, flush or replace every type of fluid in your vehicle.



Like the fluids in your car, the filters perform a very specific & important role.

Air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters are all designed to maintain performance, protect internals and improve the fuel milage of your vehicle.

Cabin filters are designed to remove contaminates from the interior air and reduce incoming odours.



A well running engine is not only powerful, but fuel efficient.

Keeping everything in tune will save you at pump, but also keep you on the road for years and years.


Fuel System Health

We all hate paying for gas.

By keeping the fuel system clean and well maintained we can reduce the pain at the pump…or at least reduce visits.


Electrical & Battery

As cars continue to evolve the demand on the battery and charging system continues to increase. 
Cold weather make it even harder for a battery to maintain optimum charge.
We can check for battery health and for any faults in the electrical system before you end up stranded in the snow.

Computer Diagnostics

There seems to be a warning light for every system in the car.

If you have a light on for anything, we can diagnose the issue and let you know what it’s all about.

Instant Approval. No Credit Check.