Tolley Tire is the only AMA inspection facility in Lethbridge

Pre-Purchase inspections | Insurance Inspections | Out of Province Inspections

Automotive Inspections

We offer the following inspections:

  1. Out of province- If you have purchased a vehicle from outside our province or have moved to Alberta you will need a certified inspection before obtaining registration. This inspection ensures your vehicle meets the safety and vehicle equipment standards of Alberta.
  2. Insurance inspections – Required by Insurance companies for vehicles that are generally 10+ years. Also known as a safety inspection, it makes sure the vehicle is safe to drive.
  3. Pre-purchase or AMVIC inspection – This is a great idea if you are buying or selling a car. It is endorsed by AMVIC (Alberta Motor Vehicles Industry Council) and is used by commercial businesses that resell vehicles.
  4. AMA inspections – 201 point inspection to check over the condition of your vehicle and rate items that may need attention now or in the near future.

Instant Approval. No Credit Check.